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    Phase separation, or liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS), is a ubiquitous and important mechanism for the formation of membraneless condensates in cells. LLPS is driven by multivalent macromolecular interactions, whereas resulting condensates have been regarded as an emerging paradigm of cellular organization (Banani et al., 2017; Boeynaems et al., 2018; Shin et al., 2017). Living cells contain various types of membraneless condensates enriched with proteins and RNA molecules. These condensates, including stress granule (Molliex et al., 2015), P-body (Parker et al., 2007), P granule (Brangwynne et al., 2009), spindle apparatus (Jiang et al., 2015) and nucleolus (Hult et al., 2017), play critical roles in regulating a variety of biological processes such as stress response (Riback et al., 2017), RNA metabolism (Taylor et al., 2016), DNA damage response (Patel et al., 2015) and signal transduction (Franzmann et al., 2018).
     Here, we presented a data resource of LLPS (DrLLPS), a comprehensive data resource that contained 437,887 known and computationally detected LLPS-associated proteins in 164 eukaryotic species. For LLPS-associated proteins in nine model organisms, we provided rich annotations by compiling and integrating the knowledge from additional 110 widely used public resources that cover 16 aspects, including (i) Intrinsically disordered region; (ii) Domain annotation; (iii) Post-translational modification; (iv) Genetic variation; (v) Cancer mutation; (vi) Molecular interaction;(vii) Disease-associated information; (viii) Drug-target relation; (ix) Physicochemical property; (x) Protein functional annotation; (xi) Protein expression/proteomics; (xii) Protein 3D structure; (xiii) Subcellular localization; (xiv) mRNA expression; (xv) DNA & RNA element; (xvi) DNA methylation. The online service of DrLLPS was implemented in PHP + MySQL + JavaScript, and all data sets and annotations are freely accessed for all users. We anticipate DrLLPS can serve as a helpful resource for further analysis of LLPS, and confirm that the database will be continuously maintained and updated.

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DrLLPS: a data resource of liquid-liquid phase separation in eukaryotes
Wanshan Ning, Yaping Guo, Shaofeng Lin, Bin Mei, Yu Wu, Peiran Jiang, Xiaodan Tan, Weizhi Zhang, Guowei Chen, Di Peng, Liang Chu and Yu Xue. Nucleic Acids Research. (6 November 2019) pii: gkz1027. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkz1027.

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